This solution offers optimal safety for the person responsible for washing when handling instruments. UMONIUM38 Sterily quickly kills the microorganism population; the solution does not pose any danger if any spillage occurs, is non-corrosive and does not release any toxic vapours. The biodegradable product is compatible with the medical devices that will be treated and does not contain any substances that are likely to bind proteins. Materials are left sparkling, outlets are cleared of any sticky waste and the wastewater released is non-polluting.

Medical Device Class IIb


Pre-disinfectant cleaner for invasive medical devices
Prepares for disinfection and the sterilisation process


Mycobactericidal (including B.K.), bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal
Faster-acting than enzyme solutions
No precise temperature required
No dangerous vapours
Biodegradable, no pollution risk
Does not corrode material (pH neutral)
Non-coagulating, does not bind traces of blood onto the instrument
Does not damage flexible materials (silicone, HDPE, rubber,…)
Fresh and pleasant scent


The product is used in hot water or at room temperature.

Washing: Prepare a solution from a 0.5% concentration (25 mL for every 5 litres of water).

Disinfection washing: A solution of 25 mL in 1 litre of water ensures that the chamber is disinfected.

Soak for 10 minutes, preferably in an ultrasonic bath, scrub and scour surgical instruments one at a time, check that there is no organic matter in grooves, particularly when cleaning orthopaedic instruments, and then rinse thoroughly with drinking water before running through the washer-disinfector and the autoclave.