Ever since it was founded in 1957, the laboratory has sought to offer you high-level disinfectants that protect professionals both from the risks of contamination and all side effects.

The family company expanded very quickly and established itself in Nivelles in 1996. These new buildings made it possible to implement a stage-by-stage operating system in a controlled environment (clean room).

In 1999, our efforts to guarantee quality assurance were awarded with the ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2012 certifications. Since then, we have certified the complete traceability and reproducibility of our Biocide and Medical Devices range.

Our offices are currently located in Wavre on a new production site of over 3 Hectares in size. This new site enables us, even in the third generation, to look even further ahead…


R&D is an integral part of our development. It is essential for us to meet our clients’ requests as closely as possible while complying with European requirements.

For reasons of ethics and standards, all our validations are conducted by independent and qualified laboratories.


Our facilities have enabled us to operate a large-scale production system and to ensure optimal traceability of all the products that we manufacture. Each stage of the manufacturing process is subject to rigorous checks under our quality management system.


They assist you in controlling the risk of infection by drawing on their expertise and our internal and external training.

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Today, our customers benefit from our rigour, the reliability of our formulations and our commitment to guaranteeing complete satisfaction.

In addition to the 25 countries in which our products are already distributed, we are always seeking to export to new markets while remaining true to our values:

No wastes that are toxic or dangerous for the environment are released during the stages of our products’ manufacturing process

Exclusively biodegradable products

Formulations made with essential oils and concentrated medicinal plant

«Cold disinfection» for ease and fast action

Ready-to-use sprays with no propellant

Aerosols with no greenhouse gases

A wide range of concentrated products

Fully recyclable packaging

A contribution for recycled waste processing

«ECONOMATIC» economical mixing and automatic dosage systems

Consistent and traceable qualities

Unfailing reliability