Because they’re our primary tools, hands are the main vectors for the transmission of microorganisms. As a result, their hygiene plays an essential role in controlling the risk of infection.

However, very frequent use of soap and hydroalcoholic solutions dries the skin and can lead to the development of dermatological disorders: dermatitis, allergies, eczema…

PHYTOGEL By HUCKERT’S® offers ranges enriched with essential oils which respect your skin, even dry skin, and guarantee impeccable hygiene.


Hydroalcoholic gel – PT1 Biocide

Its odourless formula enriched with emollient active ingredients and chamomile essential oil thoroughly moisturises your hands while guaranteeing hygienic, surgical and virucidal -grade disinfection. In addition, its non-sticky texture leaves no residue, even after multiple applications.

CAPACITY : 1 x 400 ml bottle = 133 doses.

PACKAGING : 100 ml, 400 ml and 1L.

SPECTRUM OF ACTIVITY : Bactericide, fungicide and virucide.

Dermatological soap

Its formula enriched with thyme, camomile and eucalyptus essential oils cleanses and perfectly prepares the skin for disinfection. Naturally scented, it respects the skin barrier and protects the driest skin.

CAPACITY : 1 x 400 ml bottle = 133 doses.

PACKAGING : 100 ml, 400 ml, 1L and 5L.

Dermatological exfoliating soap

Its formula, enriched with thyme, camomile and eucalyptus essential oils, combined with its non-abrasive microbeads, deeply removes impurities and dirt from within the skin’s furrows, while respecting the skin.

CAPACITY : 1 bottle of 5L = 200 doses.


Non-contractual product photos. Our biocides are only available in the countries where they are registered. To find out which of our biocides and cosmetics are currently available in your country, please contact us. Use biocidal products with care. Before use, read the label and product information.